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MANUELA MARTIN: Illustrator in Plasticine
She began as a drawer twenty years ago for different editions and publicity agencies. As a painter, she has made several exhibitions, in Madrid and surroundings. It was in 1993 when Alberto Anaut, director of weekly supplement of the newspaper El Pais, published for the first time her illustrations (La Antidieta) after showing in some editorials her new work in plasticine. Since then her help has been requested in the most important publications and publicity agency of the country.
JUAN XARRIE: Illustrator and designer
Illustrator and aerographyst, member during 1989-1992 of the AIM (Illustrators Association of Madrid). He has made some collective exhibitions of his work for publicity agencies, editorials, and for film and video production companies in some cities in Spain Nowadays he uses Adobe Photoshop in his work of aerography.
DANIEL GONZALEZ: Entertainer in Adobe Premiere
Even as a child he was very fond of computers and data and he was able to manage every system, such as Photoshop, CorelDraw, Freehand, QuarkXPress, 3Dstudio, Premiere, Flash, Dreamweaver. With Premiere he has done animations with plasticine for the Sol Music Channel.
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